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Friday, 22 November 2019

November 22, 2019

How To Convert More Leads On LinkedIn

How To Create a Killer Profile that Converts More Leads On LinkedIn

When it comes to marketing your business, you have to have a complete and update profile. Having a complete profile is the best
way to increase views and connection requests, as well as showing up in searches run by potential clients and connections.
LinkedIn provides a completion tool so you can keep track of what parts of your profile are complete and what still needs your attention. It also provides you with tips to help you complete your profile, and even writes a complimentary summary for you based on the information you put in when you are creating your profile.

If you want to start increasing the targeted leads you receive from LinkedIn then you need make sure that you have an interesting, eye-catching, and easy to follow profile. It is important that you have a clearly stated mission statement for your company.
Your company’s profile is where you can show your target audience why you are the best choice for their solutions. There are many
ways that you can use your profile to your advantage.

Keeping Your Profile Up to Date

An important aspect of your profile is always ensuring that it is up￾to-date and accurate. You need to continually review and refresh
your profile, profile photos, connections and skills because all of these elements will change over time. Make sure that your contact information is always up-to-date so that potential customers can reach you if they have a question or want to move forward with working with you. Along with including your email and phone number, you also want to include your web address, Facebook and Twitter handles, and any  other communication avenues that you use.

You want to make sure that your personal and company profiles are kept separate. Company and Showcase pages are free on LinkedIn and have more customization options for your company and has distinctive features for your business to use. Adding a Profile and Cover Photo you want to include a profile picture that clearly represents your company. It is important that you use a clear, concise photo of your logo that is approximately 1400 x 425 pixels. Your cover photo should also be representative of your company and its
products or services. Recent studies have shown that an active photo helps to draw attention to your profile.

Choosing an active photo that represents your company provides a level of personability to your company. Since buyers are more likely to
purchase from companies with some level of humanity, you want to show that you company is approachable, warm, and friendly.

Your profile photo should be your company’s logo, while the cover photo should be representative of what your mission statement is. If you are an individual marketing yourself, your profile photo is your first impression on people who are viewing your profile. You want to make sure that you keep it professional, as well as infusing your personality. Adding your profile photo will increase your visibility by seven times, while not having a photo will make your profile eiher seem shady or as though you aren’t serious about building your network and elevating your company. It is also crucial that you set your profile photo to public to increase searchability.

Your cover photo can be used for many additional impressions of you. Again, pictures showing you in action tend to get a better
reaction from your target audience. If you can show yourself doing your job, buyers can make a better connection to you in a position or the products or services that they are seeking from you. Your cover photo can show things like promotions, parts of your portfolio, or things that build your credibility or authority on your subject. Do not limit your cover photo to just generic pictures of mountains or skylines.

Your company cover photo should represent your mission statement. If you can show employees of your company, you will further humanize your company. This is especially important in a world where business connections are increasingly done online, being able to connect your potential customers with a real-life image of who they will be  workingwith can encourage relatability and build trust with your target audience. If you are a small company with only a few employees, you can use your cover photo as a mini-collage of your business in action, or even place your most effective ads in the spot

Creating the Profile Section

If you want to increase your leads then you have to have a complete profile. You want to make sure your “About Us” section includes your mission statement and clearly states what your company offers. Check that your employees have linked their personal profiles to your company page as well so that their
connections can see your company updates.

When you are working on your “About Us” portion of your profile, you want to write it with your target customer in mind. Create an
emotional response by telling a story that identifies a problem faced by a client, point out the obstacles that cause the problem, and then offer your solution, being sure to state why your solution is the best. Make sure to complete two to four related content pieces that are relevant to your purpose. You might also want to consider including how your other clients have been successful with you.

Make sure that you complete all of your company details, including where you are located, what you do, when your company was founded, and your website. Include different media, photos, and videos to break up the text and increase engagement. Having a text heavy profile will make it look as though you don’t know how to use other formats and it will show your lack of creativity. Be sure to include customer testimonials on your company page,
especially ones by influencers and those with large networks.

The more trusted and well-known your clients are, the easier it will be to grab new leads, and you are nine times more likely to pull business from word of mouth over cold solicitations. While having customer testimonials is necessary for promoting your company, you don’t want to keep all of them on your page. Be sure to remove old and out of date  testimonials and those that highlight accomplishments or skills that you have retired from your profile. Recent reviews are valuable in keeping your profile current and fresh.

Additionally, if you receive a current recommendation that is either not well-written or focuses on a subject other than how you helped a client, you probably won’t want to include those on your page because even endorsements and recommendations written
by others will reflect on you and your professionalism. Creating a profile with the intent to market your product or service is
essential to your marketing objective.

Including Keywords In Your Profile

Including keywords in your profile is important. The keywords that you use in your profile are what makes your company searchable. You want to be sure to frequently use keywords that are related to your products and services. Marketers, salespeople, and recruiters all have a specific set of keywords that they are searching. The keywords that you use to describe your business are essential.

If you aren’t sure about how many keywords you have in your profile, you can copy and paste your profile into a wording program like Wordle ( to see which terms
you’ve used and how many times they are used in your profile. If you find that you haven’t included enough of the right keywords, you can take the time to adjust your wording to increase the frequency of the preferred keywords. If you don’t know what the popular keywords are, you can analyze the profile of others in your industry the same way. Just make sure that you rewrite the text in your own words to avoid any issues with plagiarism.

Publishing Content

A substantial part of your profile will be the publishing section. It is important that you use this section to publish content that you care about and that relates to what your company represents. You want to keep your articles and whatever else you publish on the site free of typos and other errors. The content that you
publish will show your audience that you are knowledgeable about the subject and that you can clearly communicate yourideas.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

October 24, 2019

Facebook Ads Campaign Ultimate Guide

By this point, you should have reverse engineered your competitor's profile. You should have made educated guesses as to what kind of ads they run, or which of their posts they have promoted.

It's a good idea to go through all their pages' posts once again.Please understand that not all your competitors' ads will show up on their page. Facebook does allow
for "dark posts."These posts never appear on your Facebook Page timeline. It's as if they don't exist.

Keep this in mind.
When you study your competitors' posts to look for indicators of success like number of shares, number of likes and comments, you're only seeing part of the picture. Still, this is better than nothing. You need to do reverse engineering or preliminary consumer intelligence to get a head start. Just because you did it once, it doesn't mean that you should stop there.

You have to look at all your competitors. Get a general idea of what works and what doesn't work.You have to do this before you create a targeting plan for your ad. Otherwise, you shouldn't be surprised if your ad doesn't do all that well.

Please remember that if you have absolutely no previous idea coming into the ad creation process as well as the audience targeting dynamics of Facebook, your chances of failure are quite high. S,o a little bit of advance preparation could go a long way.

Now, this depends on your niche. Some niches are pretty much well represented on Facebook. It's very easy to see who your competitors are. A lot of them show their ads on their timelines, and you can pretty much figure them out However, for the vast 90% of niches out there, you have to make more educated guesses. Just because some of your competitors are on Facebook, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have the best ads or that they know what they're doing. Still, this is better than nothing.

In this post,you're going to learn how to create an ad and run it. But at the end of day, it all boils down to how well you do .I'm going to explain to you on how to get started, but ultimately, how you optimize your ads will determine whether you will be successful or not.

Create Your Facebook Ad

When creating an ad, remember to focus on the message. A lot of advertisers think that an ad has to be specific to a product or service. This is a common mistake.

You have to remember that, most of the time, before people buy anything, whether online or offline, they have to see a brand several times to develop some sort of familiarity.If you don't believe me, answer this question: When was the last time you bought something from a complete and total stranger? If you're like most normal people, the answer would be "never."

If you are going to spend your hard earned money, at the very least, you would insist on some level of trust.Its not like some random person telling you a lie from the internet will get you to whip out your wallet and take out your credit card. Things normally don't work like that. It is all about building familiarity.

Unfortunately, if your ads just focus on a product, that's not going to go far. In fact, in many cases, people would forget about the product. The better approach would be to focus on the overall message your brand represents.

Are you there to help people get better sleep? Are you there to get people to live more comfortable lives? Is your business aimed at maximizing peace of mind? You have to operate at this level.And the good news is, you don't have to take shots in the dark. Look at what your competitors are doing. How are they playing this game?

Do they focus too much on a product? How well did that do? Are they focusing on a general message that can lead to products? How do those compare?Once you have gotten this information, you can then take the next step, which is to choose between a completely new ad or promoting a post that is already on your page.

Step 1: Choose among the type of ads you can run Facebook accommodates a lot of different ad types. You can choose among the following, depending on your overall objective.

Lead Ads

Lead ads are available solely on mobile devices. These are designed for one-click subscription.Since people using mobile devices like tablets and phones can't be relied on to stop what they're doing and open a new page to enter their email address, Facebook has made it so much easier on them. They just need to click and the ad will supply you their information.

Instant Experience

These were formerly called "Canvas Ads." These are full screen ads that load really fast. Depending on the type of product or service you are promoting, this might be a good fit.
Collection Ads
These show your product or other products presented side by side. These ads are available only on mobile devices. When customers like what they see, they can click it to buy it instantly.
This ad is only possible on mobile devices because, on a desktop, you normally can comfortably fill out ad fields and forms. That doesn't work on mobile. Accordingly, sales collection ads are only available on mobile ads.

Slideshow Ads

These are videos that feature compilations of short video clips or still images. The key here is to grab attention while at the same time saving bandwidth.
Even people with very slow internet connections can still see these ads. They attract quite a bit of eyeballs.
Carousel AdsCarousel ads are a collection of as much as ten video clips or photos of whatever service or product you are promoting.
The great thing about carousel ads is they tend to be longer so you have a lot more space and opportunity to present the benefits of your product as well as different features. This is a great way of explaining what your product brings to the table in an attention-grabbing way

Video Ads

Video ads take two forms. You can highlight what your product is like when people are using it, or it can simply be aspirational. You can even show scenes of people having a good time, people smiling, enjoying themselves, and then projecting your brand . Please understand that aspirational ads are not necessarily wastes of time. When was the last time you bought a Calvin Klein underwear product because Calvin Klein just showed a picture of the underwear on a page? Chances are, never.

Usually, cologne, perfume and fashion products are sold not so much to the images or video of the products themselves, but the lifestyle of the people that supposedly own those pieces of clothing.
This is why Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein fragrances often show people on vacation or in some sort of moody black and white scene. They're selling you a lifestyle or a mindset. That's what you're buying into.
Well, the same dynamic applies for online video. It doesn't have to be literal. It doesn't have to just present your product and people enjoying different features of the product. Depending on your niche or product category, it might make more sense to advertise using aspirational or lifestyle videos.

Photo Ads

This is the most common Facebook ad. Basically, you show a picture, and then there's a caption beneath it.Facebook ads does have strict rules on how much text you can put on your photo ad. Generally speaking, the photo is supposed to draw attention long enough for people to read the title and the description, and then make a decision whether to click through or not.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads allow you to promote specific products to people who are more likely to be interested in them. This uses Facebook's very robust audience profiling and targeting system to create a match. It's not always effective, but with enough tweaking, this might work out for you.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

October 09, 2019

The Current State Of LinkedIn With Lead Generation

The Current State Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a network of over 500 million members, of which, 46 million of those users are students that are looking to get a jumpstart on their career search or are recent graduates. This is a huge audience for your business to market to.

However, there are many features available to business marketers that narrow down the target audience, even as the network continues to grow. With that many members, it’s hard to imagine not using LinkedIn in your business marketing strategy. When Microsoft acquired the platform in 2016, it enabled the company to look further into what LinkedIn can do for all of its members. In October of 2018,

LinkedIn partnered with Oracle, a software company that specializes in databases, to announce that it has several new integrations working the two businesses together. The most prominent of the integrations is the overhaul of the recruitment tools, which makes maneuvering back and forth between screens easier for recruiter and finding talent easier and more streamlined, among other things.

Recruiter can now use the LinkedIn sourcing with Oracle Recruiting to find more candidates recommended by the “Recommended Matches,” who show candidates based on position fitness. This has allowed Administrators and Recruiters the ability to  seethe skills of their current employees, any gaps that they might have, and it enables them to compare their workforce with their competitor’s workforce Oracle customers also gained access to the LinkedIn Learning feature, which means they can now use the learning catalog offered by LinkedIn, and a centralized location for administrators to view which of their employees have accessed and completed courses. Administrators can also view reports on engagement with the course. Currently there are 30 to 50 new courses offered every month, including courses on how to make work environments more inclusive.

Some of the other new features on LinkedIn Learning include the following.

• Insights and recommendations for making the learning more relevant.
• Allowing administrators to add their own content, or use third-party created videos.
• Upload, manage, and track videos.
•Reports showing the progress of learners and the completion of videos.
• Tag videos to make searching videos for content based on purpose easier.

Microsoft products are also seeing updates. In Microsoft’s email software, users can now see the profile information on the people in their contacts and in 2019 will add insights into the people you meet with to further personalize interactions. Collaborating with members on LinkedIn will be easier as well since you will now be able to create content in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint with your connections even if you don’t have their email address.

The “Groups” feature in LinkedIn has also undergone improvements. It is available now in the app, with the ability to manage, post, and edit content as well as accept join requires and all other moderator functions and receive notifications of activity.

Searching for jobs will also be easier.
When searching for jobs and entering criteria, the option for “remote jobs” is in the “location” checkbox, and jobs offering telecommuting or working from home will be the posted results. Company information on the right side of the screen now shows quick context for each posted job so users don’t have to leave the search results page. The option for notifications when certain companies and positions open up is also a newly available feature in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has many new integrations and feature updates planned for the future. It will be more dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get to know a member’s clients and make minor decisions, including scheduling, accepting or denying connection requests, and facilitating meeting mutually beneficial people. Virtual meetings will allow face to face contact without having to leave the office. Video profiles will replace regular resumes and give opportunities to add personality to your self-promotion.

LinkedIn will start allowing Learning Lounges to be set up as virtual training centers, and will offer resources to current employees and potential candidates to help them improve their current skills or learn new ones. This will be helpful for both recruiters and candidates because it will show a candidate’s willingness to learn new skills as well as their adaptability to changes that may be required in their position.

LinkedIn for Business

Another new feature that businesses should take advantage of is the Campaign Manager feature. This new feature will automatically adjust bids on sponsored content through the automated bidding feature so businesses can gain the optimal outcomes for their advertising budgets.

The Campaign Manager feature, allows marketers to put in an objective and the automatic bidding feature will find the best members to fulfill the objective.
Advertising will now be allowed on personal pages as well to support the branding of products for smaller businesses.
Customer-centric marketing will start to become more prominent when the AI elements begin to change how we use digital products and how we communicate online.
These days, the business to customer buying cycle is getting much shorter because of recommendations from artificial intelligence compiled data. Customers are starting to rely more on the data compiled by the artificial intelligence. This allows them to make minor purchases on behalf of them, which becomes more passes in their buying cycle.

However, the opposite is true of business to business buying cycle. That cycle is getting longer due to more consideration of and deeper examination proffered of the proffered content.

Due to the growing popularity and increased practicality of AI, more business marketers are planning to invest in artificial intelligence in the coming years. Artificial intelligence is being recognized as the next important thing in business. AI can significantly raise efficiency with communication and notifications of better marketing approaches. LinkedIn is joining this train by adding the Lead Gen Forms to make generating leads easier by automatically populating a customer form using that member’s LinkedIn profile when they click on an ad. Customer’s information, including their name and contact information are transmitted. Once the potential customer clicks the submit button, they can be transported to the thank you page. Then the business will be able to see the content that attracted the potential customer to the page to begin with.

On the marketer’s side of Lead Gen Form, once the prospect submits the data, it can be stored into the Campaign Manager for follow up, or download it into other marketing tracker software. LinkedIn is providing business members more and more of these marketing tracking tools to better assist a company’s marketing campaigns. It is also offering ways to integrate sales and marketing teams to better streamline the buying process for business to business sales by creating an easier to navigate sales and marketing tab.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

October 08, 2019

Ultimate Use Of LinkedIn Groups To Increase Your Leads

How To Use Of LinkedIn Groups To
Increase Your Leads

LinkedIn Groups provides businesses a place to connect with other members who are in the same niche or industry and share information, make connections, share content, post job vacancies and network. As a member of LinkedIn you can join up to 50 groups at a time. However, even though you can join up to 50 groups, this can spread you thin. It is much better to be active in just a few groups than to deplete your resources by trying to participate in too many.

LinkedIn Groups offers you the opportunity to connect and interact with other members, join discussions, share your knowledge and build influence, authority, and credibility in your
industry, become a top influencer, expand your reach and find followers, and source information and increase your knowledge

However,it is important to remember that you shouldn’t use LinkedIn Groups to blatantly promote your products or services. Joining a Group,of the major advantages of joining a group on LinkedIn is that members appear in the search results of that particular group. So,
if you go to a group and click the number stating how many members the group has, you can see whether any of your connections are already members.

To find groups that you are interested in, you can click on the “Interests” tab on the top menu of your profile and then click on
“Groups” in the drop down menu. This will allow you to search groups based on keywords that you enter and start filtering and
viewing the results. You can view “Open Groups” without joining but you can only view content of member only groups once you’ve
joined There are over a million groups currently on LinkedIn so you can afford to be selective when choosing the groups you want to join.

Before joining, however, you need to make sure that you’ve worked out what your goals are. Are you looking to build connections and relationships or do you want to gain knowledge from key influencers, or establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry? If your main goal is to drive traffic to your website or blog, then you need to look for groups that will allow you to post links.

When searching for groups you can view the descriptions of the group along with the group statistics. The group statistics will show you the number of members the group has, and the number of discussions and comments that have been made. Joining smaller, lively groups with a lot of interaction may be more advantageous for you as opposed to joining larger ones with little activity. This is where quality can significantly outweigh quantity.

The demographics of the group are also important. It might be a huge waste of time joining a group where most of its members are international if you are running a local business. Taking a look at the group’s activity feed can help you see whether the group is
relevant to you and whether you think you might be able to contribute in some way.

After you’ve made your selection and joined a group or two, you can introduce yourself and start commenting and joining in on the discussions. If you are looking to build influence then you need to stay active and engage with the other members and contribute to the discussions taking place.

LinkedIn keeps track of the interactions that take place in groups and appoints ‘The Top
Influencers of the Week.’ You can view this list at the top right of the group page to see who have contributed and participated in discussions and liked and commented the most. This is a tremendous opportunity for your business to gain exposure and for your brand if you are appointed to the list.
LinkedIn Discussions

Discussions on LinkedIn are a great way to communicate with others in your niche and build connections with like-minded individuals. To start a discussion in your group, hit the ‘Discussions’ link at the top of the group page and add a title and description for your discussion. You can add an article or ask a question. You also have the ability to post relevant content with a link to your company page, website or blog. You should also check to see if your group has a special section for adding promotions and jobs.

You can participate in discussions by liking and commenting on the discussion and you can also follow a particular discussion and
receive updates anytime someone comments on the post.

The Benefits of Starting Your Own Group

If you are unable to find a group that meets your needs, you might want to consider starting your own LinkedIn Group. Creating your own group has a multitude of benefits, especially if you are a company focused on B2B sales

Raise Your Profile

When you create a group on LinkedIn, your name, as the creator, will be clearly featured as the owner of the group. Being able to successfully run a group will help you to be seen as a thought leader in your industry. The more you contribute to the group personally, by interacting with its members and offering valuable content, the more you will build your credibility and be considered an expert in your niche.

Lets You Send Weekly Emails

As a creator of a LinkedIn group, you are afforded the ability to send emails to your members every week. This provides a great
opportunity to gain attention by sending your members the links to your top quality content relating to the group subject matter.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

There are a few ways that you can use your LinkedIn group to drive traffic to your website or blog.
• Add your URL to the group profile to gain more exposure
• Include your URL in the welcome message that you send to the group.
• Include your URL when you send valuable content to your members in your weekly email.
• Create discussions within the group and including your URL.

Creates Community

People love to be part of a community and join with like mined people and engage in discussions. If you are the creator of a thriving group on LinkedIn, you can bring people together and help them make connections. This will create trust with your members and good will toward you and your brand.

Expand Your Personal Network

Creating a group on LinkedIn is a great way to build connections with others. If your group is active then members are going to want to connect with you because you are the authority and you are likely to receive numerous invitations to connect with other
LinkedIn members.

Generate Leads and Sales

When you send out your initial welcome email and thank people for joining your group, you can include details and benefits of joining the group and provide a brief background and description of you and your business. You can also invite them to join your newsletter or invite them to connect with you on your other social networks.

LinkedIn groups is a great way to become active on the social networking platform and can help you get connected with potential customers and other though leaders in your industry.