Saturday, 12 October 2019

The Real Value Of Instagram

The Usefulness of Instagram

In this article, you will learn a little about what makes Instagram tick. Why are people drawn to Instagram? What are its unique selling points? By understanding this, you will better be able to thrive on the platform and reach the fullest potential for your audience.

Understanding Instagram Audience

While Instagram’s visual nature is in some ways one of its biggest advantages,this also changes the game for creators. That’s because it will force them to think in a different way, and to change their approach. It also affects who will be the most engaged by this type of content, and which types of products it will lend itself to most For example, did you know that 80% of Instagram’s audience is based outside of the US? This makes it a fantastic choice for anybusiness that is looking to  increaseits scope, or that commonly sells outside of the country.

At the same time, Instagram has an audience that is famously more female (39% vs 30% with the rest being undisclosed) and a little younger than many of the other platforms. It is thought of as being more ‘trendy’ than the likes of Facebook, which has become overrun by Mums and Grandmas at this point.

Knowing Your Niche and Value Proposition

It should come as no big surprise to learn the top niches on Instagram:
• Health and fitness
• Beauty
• Travel
• Business/Making money online
• Fashion
• Luxury/Lifestyle
• Animals
• Relationships
• Gaming
• Family/Parenting
• Food
These niches are all with the possible exception of making money online –particularly visual in manner. They all lend
themselves very well to photography, and eye-catching imagery.But there is something else that all these concepts have in common, and that also helps to explain the popularity of the
cultures we’ve seen emerge on the platform: they all have a very clear value proposition.
Or to put this another way, they all very clearly sell a dreamWhile it’s easy to point a finger at Instagram and blame it for a more shallow generation, obsessed with food, good looks, abs, and fake Rolexes, the truth is that this is simply a reflection of what most of us want.

And this is the crux of all business.The saying goes that you don’t sell hats, you  sell warm heads. What that means, is that no one buys a product for its physical properties. You don’t buy a computer for its weight in plastic and silicon. But likewise, nor do you buy a computer for its processing power and performance. Not really.The real reason you might spend so much on a computer – and the reason that Apple has enjoyed such phenomenal success – is that you are  interested in what that computer can do for you.

How it can affect your life.
A powerful computer is a status symbol that you can show off to friends. A great laptop is something you can feel cool about when you bring it to Starbucks (especially if you snap a shot and share it to Instagram). likewise, a computer lets you create art or be productive:
hopefully leading to more money and more respect.The most successful products understand this. They are marketed in a way that is aspirational. They promise their buyers
that they will help them to feel more successful,wealthier, happier, sexier…

And this is what Instagram is so perfectly suited to doing. You can say with a picture what would take a thousand words. If you are
trying to build an audience interested in fitness, then nothing is going to engage them and mobilize them as well as a picture of someone in the gym with incredible abs, looking focussed and determined.

This inspires people. It makes them think: “If I buy that tshirt/supplement/training program, then I could look and feel like that too.”People like looking at this stuff because it makes them feel excited for the future and encourages them to hit the gym. That’s why they subscribe. And then they buy, because they are so motivated by the emotions that have been stirred up.

This is what we’re going to try and accomplish with your Instagram account: getting people excited for the value you offer. Helping them to feel inspired, and ultimately motivated into
making a purchase.Identify your niche, and then ask how you can communicate your
value proposition in a manner that will appeal to your target demographic within the larger audience of Instagram.

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