Tuesday, 22 October 2019

How To Gain Traction For Your Instagram Channel

Gaining Traction for Your channel

Now you have an account, it’s time to start growing it. You’ll begin with your very first post, and from there the most important thing
is consistency. If you go two weeks without posting a single thing to your Instagram, then any momentum you build up will get lost. You’ll find that your posts don’t show so highly, and that you lose the subscribers you had previously gained.

How often you post is going to depend on your goals, the natureof your content, and more. But the basic rule for this is to post pretty frequently. The ideal is one to three times daily, and the average for most businesses comes in at 1.5 times daily. You
should consider the absolute minimum to be twice weekly, but you should definitely aim to go higher.

In short, posting more frequently means creating more opportunities for new followers to discover your page. Not only that, but it means that your existing followers will feel more engaged with your brand as they keep seeing it come up and keep getting reminded that you exist. Engagement is absolutely critical to success when it comes to internet marketing.

Something else to consider here is that in one recent survey, it was found that the average user misses 70% of all posts uploaded. That
means that if you post an image then only a subset of your viewers will see it.

Therefore, you’ll need to post twice a day for the majority of your visitors to see at least one post.Going much higher than three times daily though can start to negatively impact on your growth. That’s because some of your images will inevitably be less successful and some of your visitors can end up feeling too bombarded by content.

Choosing What You Want to Be

That is not all we mean by consistency though. Just as important as being consistent in what you upload. What kinds of videos and images? What is the theme? How will you make them look?Aim to have a consistent look AND a consistent tone.One piece of advice that is shared fairly often, is to try and make your images look as consistent as possible on your page. That means that you should have a particular style that you stick with,
and you should aim not to vary too greatly from that.

Take a look at the feed of a particular photographer that you like,or a fitness brand. What you’ll notice is that all their pictures use a similar filter, that they are composed in a similar manner, and that they’re on the same topic. Sticking to just one topic is absolutely essential. This is why it’s so important to have a business account that is separate from your
personal account. If you don’t, then people who follow you for your fitness pictures/motivational quotes/businessadvice, will quickly get fed up of seeing photos of you in the pub or photos of your dog. That will lead to people unsubscribing.This is somewhat acceptable for a personal brand.

If you have a very successful blog or YouTube channel and people are interested in you personally, then occasionally showing a little bit of your lifestyle and personality won’t hurt. On the whole though,you should absolutely aim to post predominantly on the precise
topic you have chosen.

Think about your target audience – the demographic you will ultimately be selling to. What are they interested in and what will
they respond well to? And think about what you are passionate about. There are lots of
angles you can choose for most niches, so pick the one that speaks to you AND your audience. Then stick with it.

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